Configure and customize HotelDruid 2.3.2

Change the number of rates for year 2019 to

Create new room n° (comma separated)
Create beds in new room n°

Password to view credit cards data disabled
Automatic assignment enabled (reservations can be moved between assigned rooms)
Seconds after which give up researching a free room:

Automatic creation of new year enabled (importing data from previous year at the first login of any user)

Log of modification queries made disabled

Minutes after which consider expired not updated sessions and transactions:
Minutes during which mantain occupied the rooms meanwhile a reservation is being inserted:

Hours of difference with server time (11-11-2019 23:59:49):
Directories where website pages are created: (comma separated paths relative to the HotelDruid directory, if they don't begin with /)
Masquerade sender on the email envelope?

Name of rental units:
Name of single units:

Replace the word with

Customizations of user admin.
Change those of

Choose the language:

Choose the graphic theme:

Change currency to
Default rounding value for percentages of prices:
Rounding value for percentages of taxes:

Money viewing format:

Dates viewing format:

Number of people types:   

Registration of check-in and check-out disabled

Number of hours by which anticipate the moment in which reservations are considered begun:

Payment methods:

Reservations origins:

Custom comments for reservations:

Predefined rooms combinations:
Combination name: rooms list: (comma separated)

Clients titles: (gender )

Custom fields for clients: (type )

New nation: (code ,
2nd code , 3rd code )

New region: (in nation ,
code , 2nd code , 3rd code )

New city: (code ,
2nd code , 3rd code )

New identity document: (code ,
2nd code , 3rd code )

New relatedness: (code ,
2nd code , 3rd code )

Property data

Name: Type:
Email address: Company name:
Website: Contact name:
Nation: City:
Address: Postal code:
Telephone: Fax:
Fiscal code: VAT number:
Stars number: Logo URL:

Year 2019

Beginning/end day of week in tables:
Choose dates in drop-down menus:from 
, days of interval: 
Add periods until month
(: )

Delete year 2019 from database

Table with all the reservations

Choose the colums that will appear: ; (); ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (); ; ; ; ; .

Add a group column called with: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; separator:
Choose extra rows to be shown: ; ; ; .

Change the number of rows to
By default select:

Months tables

Truncate surnames in the tables after 5 characters per column
Number of 2nd type tables:
Number of rows after which show again the dates row:
Show the days in the dates row?
Align availability with arrival date?
Reservations colors:All paid: Deposit paid:
Confirmed: Not confirmed:

Table with all the clients

Change the number of rows to
Fields to be considered when searching clients: • surname; • email; ; ; ; ;

Messages table

Download emails for availability enquiries from mail server: (e.g. "")
Enquiry messages identification: from with subject containing

Change the number of rows to

Cashboxes tables

Change the number of rows to
Choose which totals to show in rows: ; ; .  

Payments history table

Change the number of rows to

Point of sale and inventory

Sorting in inventory and point of sale:
Buttons for operations in point of sale: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Table with saved documents

Change the number of rows to


Change the number of documents to
Delete document

Click on a document to modify it:

Add documents .

Availability check

Indicative availability overview: