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Welcome to HotelDruid!

These are some simple steps you can follow to set up the basic functionality of HotelDruid:
  • Insert the information about the rooms from the rooms table, using the specific button below it. The rooms can be created, deleted and renamed. It is recommended to insert at least the maximum capacity for each room.

  • Insert the number of rates, a name for each one of them and the corresponding prices from the page to insert prices. Consider that HotelDruid rates also act as room types (view next step).

  • Assign a list of rooms to each rate, inserting an assignment rule 2 for each one of them, from the page to insert rules. Each room can be assigned to more than one rate.

  • If this is a public web server you can enable the login and create new users from the users management page.

  • Go to the "configure and customize" page to change currency name, enable registration of check-in, insert payment methods, and set up much more options.

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